Co-op Action VR Shooter AFTER THE FALL Release Date Revealed

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If you like games on VR and you are in possession of a virtual reality setup and love the games like Left 4 Dead’s upcoming predecessor, Back 4 Blood, then Vertigo Games has come out with a game just for you. After the Fall has been revealed a cinematic trailer, which reveals a mixture of gameplay elements we can expect. This will include finding loot, co-op exploration, and enemy hordes! All we now want is a gameplay trailer to see how it all looks.

It will be released this Summer on Steam VR, Oculus, and PSVR, this fast-paced action game put co-op action will put four players and their friends against an antagonistic, evolving post-apocalyptic LA in a fight for survival. It will come with full cross-platform multiplayer, four-player co-op functionality, as well as support for a broad range of VR playstyles that will give you an immersive ride for VR gamers who are experienced with VR tech.

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