Co-Op Dinosaur Shooter SECOND EXTINCTION Now On Xbox Game Pass

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The latest co-op first-person shooters have officially entered the Xbox Game Pass games list! Form your three-man squad and go out to battle a mixture of dinosaurs in Second Extinction on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today. The only bad thing about this news is that Systemic Reaction did set up a cross-platform play and there is no word on if they are planning to, so gamers who have it on PC via Steam can’t team up with those playing through the Xbox Game Pass at this time.

New gamers can join now and take advantage of the updates the game has got since its first releases on Steam’s Early Access. They are now in Pre-Season 4 which produced a new tutorial, new rewards, a new character choice, and new season contracts to the game.

If you plan to get this game on PC instead of playing it on Xbox and get the game from Xbox Game Pass, there is a 25% off sale that will expire on May 5th. Start exterminating the dinosaurs.

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