Co-Op Horror Game DO YOU SEE SPARKY? Announcement Trailer Released

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A new horror game has been announced that is sure to send chills down your spine. Combining elements from the popular Phasmophobia and Poppy’s Playtime games, Do You See Sparky? is a first-person co-op horror game developed by Clapperheads and published by Heart Core LTD.

The gameplay in Do You See Sparky? is designed to keep players on edge, with communication limited to in-game walkie-talkies and visual cues. The titular Sparky toy is already unsettling, but the real terror comes from the 16 different monsters that can inhabit it. Players must figure out which monster is lurking inside Sparky if they want to make it out alive.

Adding to the tension, one player is marked at the start of each game and Sparky automatically seeks them out. The only way to get rid of the mark is to pass it on to another player, but doing so could spell their doom.

The team behind Do You See Sparky? includes experienced developers who have worked on titles like Hello Neighbor and Gripper, ensuring that the game will be of the highest quality. Although there is no release date as of yet, the game is planned for launch on PC via Steam.

Do you have what it takes to confront the terror of Sparky and its sinister inhabitants? With its unique premise and talented development team, Do You See Sparky? is sure to be a horror game that fans won’t want to miss.

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