Co-Op Horror Game THE BLACKOUT CLUB Is Available In Early Access

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Having a solid cooperative horror game is quite hard. Sure, there are lots of good ones where two or more players can play together in a horrific horror game, but fact is that most of the time they don’t give the impression that a real horror game delivers. This has gradually been improving with games like Dead by Daylight and The Hunt: Showdown beginning to show how to create a multiplayer horror game that won’t lose the genuine horror aspect.

The Blackout Club. Currently available on Steam in Early Access, this new title will have players looking for proof on a monstrous secret beneath the skin of a small town. Watch the trailer below:

I love the fact that you have a task that seems almost mundane, but you will have to look out for the enemy at the same time. Obviously, uniting together is a must since there is a way to help save your friends when they are getting seized. The trailer alone seems to show a few horror components remaining, despite the fact that you will be able to play with friends. The insane aspect discussed is hinted in the trailer but said on the Steam page, and that’s the fact that you can ONLY see the enemy with your eyes shut! With vision being one of the important factors of a horror game, this is about to get exciting.


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