Coca-Cola Drink Cooler

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Coca-Cola Drink Cooler

An identical recreation of the 1940’s and 50’s original, these Rolling Coca-Cola Coolers are the same one you saw at the barber shop or corner store. Nostalgia at it’s best!

Holds up to eighty 12-oz. cans or sixty 8-oz. bottles.

Made from heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel — not flimsy tin.

Embossed with the Coke logo on all four sides and under the lid.

Super-insulated to keep beverages colder longer.

Mounted on heavy-duty rolling casters for easy relocation.

Includes an authentic bottle opener and cap catcher on the side.

Refrigeration provides ice-free cooling.

Works without a vending mechanism.

Size: 35.25″ high, 25.25″ wide and 17.75″ deep



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