CoD Leaks Revealed Real-Life Location of Warzone 2’s Map

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Warzone 2

New Call of Duty leaks from renowned insider TheGhostofHope appear to verify the site of Warzone 2’s battle royale map, and it could also verify information relating to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare II.

Warzone’s problems with bugs and extensive cheating have led many to grow discouraged with the Call of Duty battle royale in the years since its release.

Warzone Pacific

While frequent patches and RICOCHET anti-cheat have been raised to try and enhance both situations, many players are looking forward to the approved Warzone 2 – a sequel BR expected to release in late 2022.

Much about WZ 2 remains unclear but new information from respected leaker TheGhostofHope could well confirm a setting for the map.

On April 23, they tweeted: “The Warzone 2 map will heavily take inspiration from Medellin, Colombia.”

The city is in the Aburra Valley of Colombia, a central region of the Andes mountains. As such, it also have a variety of regions including downtown skyscrapers, thick jungle, and densely populated urban areas.

The information is not guaranteed until we hear officially from Activision or Infinity Ward. The leaks seem especially likely given what we know about 2022’s Modern Warfare II.

According to leaks about the new installment, it will focus on the clash with Colombia’s drug cartels. A significant cartel – the Medellin Cartel – was run under the leadership of the notorious Pablo Escobar and originated in the city.

We also know that Warzone 2 will be developed by Infinity Ward, so a consistent setting between the annual installment and Warzone 2 seems likely.

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