CODE VEIN Pre-Order’s Are Open And Packed With Bonuses

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Bandai Namco’s upcoming souls-like anime game Code Vein release date is coming fast and now they have announced that Pre-Orders are open for all. Along with this announcement they have given out a list of everything that comes with pre-ordering their new title and it is a lot. To pre-order, use the digital storefronts on Steam, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One to get the following exclusive digital in addition to the Season Pass DLC.

Exclusive digital pre-order offers:

  • God Eater collaboration weapon set – includes The Blanched Greatsword, Cerulean Spear, and Crimson Longsword

  • Venous Claw

  • Harbinger Blood Code unlock: Desperate Burst skill

  • Bonus cosmetic items

  • Communication stamps

Season Pass DLC includes:

  • Mia’s white costume

  • Astrea Blood Code unlock: Gift Extension skill, Lighting Spike skill, Guardian Aid skill, Torchbearer skill

  • Additional DLC: Abyss of the Thunder, Abyss of the Fire, and Abyss of the Ice

This will boost to help players start the game off with lots of costume options and battle equipment. The network test had us start out with a stick, so unless you want to go through that yourself, this pre-order offer seems to be full of worthy material. Bandai Namco has also released the second Behind the Scenes video to Code Vein’s development of the game. Check it out:

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