Colorful Beer Bug Minus The Fräulein

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The Light Up Giant Beer Mug measures over half a foot tall and 3.74 inches in diameter, with a volume capacity of 28 oz.   A switch at the bottom lets you turn the lights on and off, so you can go without lights when you’re drinking dark beers since we doubt any of it will show through in the blackness of your favorite stouts.  The LEDs aren’t removable, so the mug can’t be thrown into the dishwasher like your Warhammer Stein and Four Bottle Beer Glass.  Instead, they recommend hand washing only to ensure water doesn’t muck up the electronics.  Construction is FDA-approved, food-safe acrylic, with a trio of AAA batteries providing power to the LEDs.

Colorful Beer Bug

Available now, the Light Up Giant Beer Mug retails for $12.49.


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