COMPANY OF HEROES 3 Campaign Developer Diary

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Publisher Sega Europe and developer Relic Entertainment recently revealed a new dynamic map as part of the campaign for their upcoming real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 3. This is the first time that players will be able to step into the role of a WWII general and the new dynamic campaign map. Players will determine the course of the Allied campaign as it unfolds over the course of days and individual battles. Players will also have a birds-eye view of the map, and their judgments will affect the battle and the war itself.

Relic Entertainment has released a deep dive developer diary where you can know more about the sources of the new dynamic campaign map. You will also learn about some of the new systems in the game as well as new mechanics like the Partisans, Air and Naval forces, and how all these systems can be used together to change the speed of the war back in your favor.

Company of Heroes 3 will be released in 2022 for PC via Steam.

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