COMPANY OF HEROES 3 Campaign Missions Trailer Revealed

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Sega and Relic Entertainment are releasing the next installment in the critically acclaimed series Company Of Heroes 3 later this year for PC. The World War II real-time strategy (RTS) is known for its storytelling and amazingly addictive gameplay. In this new game in the series, players can expect to see new features such as a Dynamic Campaign Map as well as a Full Tactical Pause to assist them along with their mission for victory. In this new game, Relic Entertainment is showcasing how Campaign missions have developed and will present a big focus on replayability.

One significant feature that is simply expressed in the video is the option of choice. Players will have a new Dynamic Campaign Map that gives a “sandbox-style” gameplay and offer multiple strategic options. Also, the missions have been created to be a challenge to the player, regardless of which factions or units they’ve picked. This is very compelling for fans since the game will basically allow you to play how you want and finish the missions however you want.

Whether it’s huge battles or small-scale missions, Company Of Heroes 3 is turning into a worthy sequel. With the top goal for Relic Entertainment to have a campaign experience that is more player-driven and more replayable than older games, we can only hope the changes made are supporting the series to enhance upon an already brilliant system.

Company Of Heroes 3 will be released on PC later this year. You can wishlist it on Steam.

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