Complete Guide to All PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Launch Titles

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Remember the long-past days of yesteryear when everyone was playing on those old-fashioned PS3s and Xbox 360s? How quaint we all were back then. It was barely a few steps up from hoop rolling and playing with clothes peg dolls.

Alright, for those who don’t have a spare few hundred dollars kicking around or are simply still catching up on a backlog of games, the old consoles will probably still be getting a lot of use in the months to come, especially since neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One have backwards compatibility. This last point is particularly important, since any games console is only as good as the games that you can play on it.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of all the launch titles now available for the PS4 and Xbox One, categorized by which consoles they’re being released on and including some useful information to help you make the first purchasing choices of this console generation. Metacritic scores, where available, are accurate at the time of publication.



Blacklight: Retribution
Developer: Zombie Studios
Price: Free-to-play
Description: Use a range of weapons to lay waste to the zombie population of an urban environment in this multiplayer FPS.
Metacritic score: N/A

Developer: Compulsion Games
Price: $14.99 (free with PlayStation Plus)
Description: Play the imaginary friend best friend of a little girl in this intriguing puzzle/platformer that shifts between 2D and 3D.
Metacritic score: 63

DC Universe Online
Developer: WBIE
Price: Free-to-play
Description: This comic book universe MMO lets you play on the side of good, evil or chaotic neutral (possibly not that last one).
Metacritic score: 67

Developer: ThatGameCompany
Price: $6.99
Description: Games don’t need to be stressful or thrilling. Pick a beanbag chair and relax with this short but charming title.
Metacritic score: 92

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition
Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Price: $59.99
Description: Who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy? Find out in the Ultimate Edition of this super-powered fighting game.
Metacritic score: 80

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Developer: Guerilla
Price: $59.99
Description: Take on the role of Shadow Marshall Lucas Kellan to battle the Helghast in one of the PS4′s flagship launch titles.
Metacritic score: 73

Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Price: $59.99
Description: Play as a robot tasked with smashing through a goblin horde as Sony shows off what the PS4 can do.
Metacritic score: 56

Developer: XDEV
Price: $14.99 (free with PlayStation Plus)
Description: Thousands of aliens lie in wait to be creatively blasted to pieces in this colorful shoot-’em-up.
Metacritic score: 83

Sound Shapes
Developer: Queasy Games
Price: $14.99 (free if already owned on PSVita or PS3)
Description: Music and platforming collide in this PlayStation Vita title that’s making the jump to the new generation.
Metacritic score: 84

Super Motherload
Developer: XGen Studios
Price: $14.99
Description: Based on the free flash game that consumed my life several years ago. A horribly addictive digging simulator.
Metacritic score: 70

Trine 2: Complete Story
Developer: Frozenbyte, Inc.
Price: $19.99
Description: A beautiful action puzzle/platformer set in a fantastical with co-op for up to three players.
Metacritic score: 87

Developer: Digital Extremes
Price: Free-to-play with additional content additions costing up to $99.99
Description: It is the Dark Age… of the future! Play solo or with friends in this action sci-fi adventure.
Metacritic score: N/A

Xbox One

xbox one

Crimson Dragon
Developer: Grounding, Inc.
Price: $19.99
Description: Take a break from killing dragons for a while and take a turn at riding one instead.
Metacritic score: 55

Dead Rising 3
Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Price: $59.99
Description: You need to get out of a city before it is destroyed by a military strike, but there are many zombies in the way. How to solve this puzzle?
Metacritic score: 78

Fighter Within
Developer: Ubisoft
Price: $59.99
Description: A fighting game in which the player controls their character using real movements to interact with the Kinect.
Metacritic score: N/A

Forza Motorsport 5
Developer: Turn 10
Price: $59.99
Description: Salivate over some truly beautiful vehicles and prove their worth by racing against other beautiful vehicles.
Metacritic score: 82

Killer Instinct
Developer: Double Helix Games
Price: Free-to-play, with extra content editions priced up to $59.99
Description: For those who are feeling nostalgic, this classic fighting game gets a free-to-play update with plenty of opportunities to spend money.
Metacritic: 73

Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Price: $19.99
Description: You don’t ride the motorcycle; you are the motorcycle. A blend of racing and brawling with a big emphasis on zaniness.
Metacritic score: 48

Powerstar Golf
Developer: Zoe Mode
Price: $19.99
Description: The Xbox One’s answer to Hotshots Golf, for those who want a game to share with non-gaming family members.
Metacritic score: 69

Ryse: Son of Rome
Developer: Crytek
Price: $59.99
Description: Get your gladius ready and rise up through the ranks of the Roman army by waging war against the uncivilized.
Metacritic score: 60

Xbox Fitness
Developer: Microsoft
Price: Free with console
Description: The traditionally alien concepts of playing video games and working out come together as celebrity trainers get polygonned up and yell at you to push yourself harder.
Metacritic score: N/A

Zoo Tycoon
Developer: Frontier Developments
Price: $59.99
Description: Put a bunch of exotic and endangered animals together in one location and pray that none of them eat each other.
Metacritic score: 72

Zumba Fitness: World Party
Developer: Zoe Mode
Price: $49.99
Descriptions: Get healthy and maybe even look sexy at the same time (depending on your skill level) with this dance-based fitness game.
Metacritic score: N/A


Angry Birds: Star Wars
Developer: Rovio
Price: $49.99
Description: The same game you know and love from the mobile version is now available on consoles… for just $47 more. Ouch.
Metacritic score: 88

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Price: $59.99
Description: Sail the high seas as notorious pirate Edward Kenway in this open-world plunderin’ simulator.
Metacritic score: 82

Battlefield 4
Developer: DICE
Price: $59.99
Description: Experience the power of “Levolution” in the latest installment of DICE’s highly popular modern military shooter.
Metacritic score: 87

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Developer: Infinity Ward
Price: $59.99
Description: The latest demand from that ever- persistent call of duty is to stop some South Americans from blowing up the USA from space. Get to it.
Metacritic score: 79

Developer: EA Canada
Price: $59.99
Description: There is a ball. There is a goal. Get one of them to go into the other one and you will win.
Metacritic score: 88

Just Dance 2014
Developer: Ubisoft
Price: $49.99
Description: Just… dance.
Metacritic score: 76

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Price: $59.99
Description: A LEGO adventure and who’s-who of the Marvel comic book universe, also starring a super-powered Stan Lee.
Metacritic score: 82

Madden NFL 25
Developer: EA Sports
Price: $59.99
Description: There is a ball. There is a goal. The ball is a different shape this time but it’s the same basic principle.
Metacritic score: 75

NBA 2K14
Developer: Visual Concepts
Price: $59.99
Description: There is a ball. There is a hoop. Kicking the ball is generally frowned upon so you have to throw it instead.
Metacritic score: 87

Need for Speed: Rivals
Developer: Ghost Games
Price: $59.99
Description: Drive expensive cars at extremely irresponsible speeds in the name of fame and glory.
Metacritic score: 84

Skylanders: Swap Force
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Price: $74.99
Description: Collectible toys meet video games in this colorful RPG for the younger crowd.
Metacritic score: 86

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