Complete List of the Best Budget Gaming Headsets on the Market

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If you are thinking about buying a new gaming headset, click here to learn about the best budget gaming headsets available to buy and use.

While sharp graphics are a top priority in gaming, high-quality sound is also vital for an immersive experience. As such, a dedicated gaming headset is a must-buy for any serious gamer.

What’s more, many gaming monitors don’t come with built-in speakers. And, if they do, they often fail to live up to the sound you get from a headset. That said, gaming headsets can sometimes be pricey.

Luckily for you, we’re here with a list of some of the best budget gaming headsets available now!


Your Guide to the Best Budget Gaming Headsets

It’s true that there are plenty of incredible gaming headsets retailing for around $300. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming headset to get the privacy, comfort, and sound quality you’re looking for.

In fact, there are many great models around for under $100, while some headsets can deliver everything you need for much less.

Here’s our pick of the best gaming headsets for keen gamers with less cash to splash:


Sades SA902 Wired Gaming Headset

There’s no need to charge this headset to your Horizon Gold Card as it’s super budget-friendly, retailing at a mere $23!

This wired headset is a solid option for the price, offering virtual 7.1 surround sound and respectable build quality. The headset is also comfortable to wear and comes with a good range of software too.

And, while the sound quality isn’t the best for listening to music, it’s more than good enough to lose yourself in a night of gaming.


HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless Gaming Headset

For a better experience as well as wireless capabilities, the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is the best streaming headset you can get on a budget. And, while it’s twice the price of the Sades model, $50 is still very cheap for a headset of this quality.

Well-thought-out design features such as rotating ear cups with memory foam make this headset a great fit for anyone, even during long gaming sessions. And, since it weighs under 10 oz, there’s also no chance of this lightweight headset causing a neck ache.

As for the sound, noise cancellation technology promises clear audio quality at all times.


Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset

While the Corsair HS50 is cheaper than the $65 or so you’d expect to pay for this headset, it’s one downfall is that it’s not wireless.

This Corsair model, however, is wireless and comes with virtual surround sound capabilities too. Add in the top Corsair iCue software for a customized audio experience and the result is the best cheap gaming headset on the market today!

Like the HyperX Cloud Stinger, this headset also includes adjustable ear cups with memory foam. It also has a removable mic, and the precision-tuned 50 mm speaker drivers promise exceptional audio quality and directional hearing.


Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

Touted as the best Bluetooth gaming headset for under $100, this Logitech model comes in at a reasonable $65 and provides a good mix of comfort, quality, value, and added features.

As such, this G533 wireless model is also, without a doubt, the best Logitech headset around at the moment.

One downfall is that the headset is only compatible with PCs using Windows 7.1 or more recent versions. But, some of its many advantages include a great wireless range and performance, 15-hour battery life, and audio features with full customization possibilities.

Design-wise, this headset is also sleeker and more compact than some Logitech models. And, the soft ear pads and gentle headband pressure make this a great headset for those who wear glasses.


Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

Until the last five years or so, Corsair was only known for its PC components. Now, however, the company is making serious waves with its gaming peripherals, so much so that Corsair makes a second appearance on our list with this Void Pro RGB headset.

The asking price, which is around $70 in most retailers, is a great deal for what are the best surround sound headphones in a budget model headset. And, as well as fantastic sound, the RGB lighting, sleek look, and quality design make this headset a smart addition to your gaming arsenal.


SteelSeries Arctis 5 (2019 Edition) Wired Gaming Headset

Sleek and comfortable, the SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset provides outstanding audio quality with v2.0 surround sound. It also features S1 speaker drivers and a bidirectional ClearCast microphone.

Priced at around $95, you might think this is a little steep for a wired headset. But, the excellent sound, RGB illumination, and extra-long cable more than make up for this disadvantage if having a wireless headset isn’t your priority.

The headset also looks great, while AirWeave ear cushions make it comfortable to wear, even during long gaming sessions. And, it’s super adjustable too, with a whole range of different settings to ensure that the sound is exactly to your liking.


Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition Wired Gaming Headset

At the top end of our list, we have the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 headset. Although it retails for just under $100, it’s worth every cent if your budget can stretch to it.

Staying true to the reputation Creative has for making elite audio products, this wired headset is a worthy addition to its legacy.

Features such as the reinforced steel and aluminum build show that this is a cut above some of the lower-priced plastic-based models on this list. It also lives up to its ‘Sound Blaster’ with an audio quality that sounds as good as the headset looks.


The Best Gaming Headsets for Your Budget

As this round-up of the best budget gaming headsets shows, there are many great options for smaller budgets.

That said, you’ll often have to sacrifice wireless function for better sound quality or a sleeker design. But, by choosing according to your priorities, you can get a great headset that provides everything you need and more within your budget.

For more information about games and gadgets, be sure to check out our other blog posts!


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