Completely Washable Phone By Japanese Company

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The Japanese company Kyocera Telecom unveiled the Digno Rafre phone back in December 2015 that has a fully washable body. You can actually wash it in water and take it with you in the rain.

With modest specs, the Snapdragon 410 processor, 5-inch Android platform, waterproof built-in 13 MP camera, and no external speakers, the main thing about the entire phone is its remarkable washable quality. The speakers pose a special problem that was made with the help of an intriguing, smart sonic receiver that transmits sound directly to the screen itself. The marketing performance was so based on these people that the mobile comes with a rubber duck-shaped floating stand. There is also no danger of ever scratching it as the plastic back cover is supposed to be self-healing as well.

It comes with 2 Gb RAM, 2 MP front camera, and a price of about $470, this mobile is meant for light usage and fun stuff. Its camera is decent enough as well. Unfortunately, the phone isn’t available right now outside Japan, and the company has no plans of releasing it outside the country. Let’s hope they decide to give it outside Japan so we can use it as well while having showers because face it we don’t have enough fun in showers right now.


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