CompTIA Network+ Versus Cisco CCNA Accreditation. Which Certification Is Better To Choose?

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Cisco CCNA

Speaking of two worldly recognized organizations, CompTIA and Cisco, one can easily be confused, as they have much in common in terms of issuing various IT certifications. Thus, whether you are a newcomer in this field who dreams to launch a career in IT or an experienced professional wanting to upgrade your skills, they have certifications on offer.

The CompTIA Network+ and SY0-601 certifications are very popular in the IT industry. But, even though they both focus on developing the candidates’ networking expertise, they are slightly different. Adding any of them to your CV list will help you change your career path, as well as will bring you value as a professional, recognition from popular companies, and access to well-paid positions.

At the same time, these designations have some differences, so, you should choose the one that works best for your professional development. The question is which one to choose and this article will help you make the right decision.

  • Networking abilities

When you decide to enroll in CompTIA Network+ Practice Test exams, you are interested in developing advanced network capabilities. If you make a choice in favor of the CCNA accreditation, you will learn how to operate and manage the Cisco solutions and services. In the meantime, the CompTIA Network+ designation will help you broaden your core networking skills regardless of the technology used. Thus, you will benefit more from earning the Network+ vendor-neutral certificate as you will become more adaptive and have a broad-based knowledge as regards networking solutions and how they should be managed in a business environment.

  • Development of needed skills

Some of the most in-demand competencies nowadays include change and incident management, disaster recovery and business continuity techniques, as well as troubleshooting strategies. With the CompTIA Network+ qualification, you can obtain the skills mentioned before and many more. Therefore, you will have improved practical experience and will be able to find solutions to a wide range of networking issues that might appear in your organization. The CompTIA Security+ Practice Test, by contrast, will limit you to a general knowledge of the latest networking technologies, as it also focuses on the development of software development skills.

  • Career opportunities

When choosing one or the other qualification, it is important to understand your long-term goals, as each of these two designations has different career prospects. With a Cisco CCNA certification, you can move on to Enterprise, Security, or Service Provider track. While, after obtaining the Network+ and the next mandatory Security+ qualification, you can choose the Cybersecurity or Infrastructure pathway.

In addition, the CompTIA Network+ certification will have a heavyweight for your resume and recommend you for well-paid positions. For example, once you get this designation under your belt, you can apply for Network Engineer, System Administrator, Junior Network Administrator, or Datacenter Support Technician positions in such globally-known companies as Canon, HP, Ricoh, Dell, and Apple. As for the CompTIA Certifications certification, you will build your career within Cisco or the companies, that use its solutions.

Both the CompTIA Network+ and Cisco CCNA certifications are useful for developing a successful career path. However, choosing one or the other depends only on your professional objectives. While ExamSnap helps you develop foundational software development and networking skills, you can truly consolidate your position in the company with the Network+ certificate. That’s because it offers you the opportunity to advance your expertise in networking and work in globally recognized companies And there being certified you can easily boost your career to new heights. So, the choice is yours!


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