Computer Geek Used 20 Years Old Parts To Built This Windows 98 Gaming PC

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20 Years Old Parts To Built This Windows 98 Gaming PC

On the 20th anniversary of Windows 98, a gaming and windows fan has built a new computer using 20-year-old parts. It took AkBKukU more than two years to collect all the parts that he needed to create the system. Each item needed to build the computer was thought to be still in-box or brand new despite being twenty years old. Once he found all the parts, he was ready to start building it.

He also came across some severe problems to get the whole system running perfectly but once everything was in line, the system was ready for some retro gaming. This video is said to be the first of a series which will show different aspects of building and managing old computers. In the next video of the series, AkBKukU will go into more details about the various parts of the computer which he used, why some particular specs were chosen and will explain in detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of the build. Whoever wants to go into the 90s PC nostalgia must see the video and get back to the olden times.


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