Computers Of The Future

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Computers Of The Future

Forget about how much computers have revolutionised and re-wired our world since the late 80s, what would they tentatively look like in say a decade or two, for that matter? That’s the million dollar question that most people would like to know. From having no monitors to digital keyboards, there are truly no boundaries and anything and everything has been thought of in the past few years itself. Let’s take a closer look at some of the possibilities and tentative features :-

Computers Of The Future

  • Virtual reality: Still in its stages of infancy, for now there are VR headsets namely Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. but both these models are sort of limited by the fact that they still rely on a phone. But in the future, the VR technology could very well make a thunderous return to form with something even bigger and more fascinating.Definitely bound to change the way we perceive the world around us depending upon the leap in technology, the main catch is that it still remains to be seen whether the future VR kits will be anywhere near affordable. A range of VR products are due for release in the coming new year, plus Sony is also set to launch the new PlayStation VR soon.
  • Wireless: Let’s face it – the one drawback of the PC that everyone can collectively agree upon is the fact that there’re just too many wires all over the place that do become quite a hindrance at times. Having said that, Intel has been working on WiGig (a standard for wireless gigabit data links) for external hard drives and monitors and a wireless laptop charging pad as well.Both the inventions would be quite the welcome relief in regard to solving the problem of the endless knot of wires cluttering up the back of your C.P.U. Out of all the inventions based on advanced computer technology, a wireless future seems one of the most likely scenarios. This will not only save hassles but will also make computer repairs in Sydney quick and convenient.
  • Size: This is almost a quantum leap in technology. Future predictions have even stated that computers might move from merely using metals and electricity to using atoms and light! Hard to fathom, but it just might turn out to be true. Molecule sized computers could very well become commonplace in the distant future which means that they could be everywhere yet nowhere in sight. One website has even jokingly stated “What will computers look like in 30 years? Trick question. You won’t see them at all”. Quite unnerving, but a fascinating possibility nonetheless.
  • Perceptual computing: Yet another challenge taken up by Intel, the essence of this technology is basically the idea of personal interaction with your computer using human gestures like blinking and hand movements to pause something or even for gaming. Just imagine only having to blink or raise your hand for a movie or a game to pause. Now that would really be something indeed. A farewell to the old interfaces and switches for good.

Since all these features are a mix of being hypothetical as well as real, the potential is truly limitless and some of the possibilities seem to be truly jaw-dropping. Then again, when all is said and done, it is quite possible that in the future, we may not advance as much as we think we will in the field of technology. However hope, determination and relentless hard work might just be the pay-off to see some of the tentative features become a reality.


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