Conan Exiles Hosting: Finding the Best with BestGameHosting 

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Conan Exiles
Conan: Exiles is a vastly popular game with millions of users and the majority playing multiplayer. So, many players like to manage and operate their own Conan Exiles servers, and finding the best Conan Exiles server host isn’t easy.

Rust, Conan: Exiles and Ark are some of the most popular hosting games that people purchase, says Survival Servers and other hosting providers.


Who is

BestGameHosting ( is one of the best game hosting comparison websites on the internet. It compares, updates, and reviews lists of the best game hosting for each game, for example, Conan: Exiles, as well as Ark, Rust, Terraria, and much more.

BestGameHosting launched in April and has collaborated with big brands and worked with other hosting providers like Survival Servers and Host Havoc.

They also give away free server hosting for a period of time, on social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Finding the Best Conan Exiles Host

Finding value for money in a hosting provider isn’t easy, and especially on a reliability new game and much smaller than the likes of Minecraft, Rust, and Ark.

Conan: Exiles hosting starts at around $0.59/Slot and at the higher end $1.16/Slot – These prices are generally good and packages start at around $10. and other game comparison websites also mention their cheapest slots being $0.59/Slot.


Features and Configurations with Conan: Exiles Servers

Map sizes, map changes, server locations, custom control panels are some of the best features you can get out of a hosting provider. Some hosting providers even allow you to switch between PC and Xbox, etc.

Another thing to mention is modifications and console management to manage your mods, which seem to be popular among pretty much all games, especially on servers. And most control panels will allow you to easily change maps and mods.


Conan: Exiles – Why Does Everyone Love It?

Not only does everyone love Conan: Exiles, they also love the hosting servers aspect of the game. Many also use server hosting to get away from ‘griefers’ due to a lack of administration on some popular servers.

‘Official’ servers are often riddled with griefers and have large amounts of players and admins don’t have enough time to manage their servers and reduce rule-breaking.


Summary – Best Conan Exiles Host

Overall, looking at and, both verdicts on Survival Servers being the best Conan Exiles host and hosting provider.

Both values for money and performance is always a key in finding that host, your budget will prevail onto the server as well, but if you’re just in the market to play with friends or solely play on a server without disruption, then choose Host Havoc or Survival Servers.

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