Construction Crew Discovered Old School Pokémon Cards Under Shelves in CVS

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Pokémon Cards

Classic Pokemon merchandise has become a desirable property for both old and new fans of the very popular monster-catching series. Cards and merchandise from the franchise’s early days often sell for high price tags on online auction sites with some very highly sought-after trading cards selling for nearly $1 million. The huge popularity of the franchise has seen The Pokemon Company try all sorts of different merchandise, from toys to games to Burger King’s classic gold-plated card promotion. Now, a construction worker has made an awesome find in an old CVS Pharmacy.

TikTok user ford_tough7.3 posts videos of his work removing equipment and shelving from old storefronts, with a recent video showing the interior of a closed CVS. The video shows the floor beneath a former shelving unit with a classic pack of Topps Pokemon collectible cards hiding underneath. The worker noted the “Series 2” labeling on the package, lamenting that it wasn’t the first edition. Notably, the pack is not from Pokemon‘s main card game, but a side collectible product as the Pokemon Trading Card Game was published by Wizards of the Coast at the time.

The latest video from ford_tough7.3 shows the user opening the pack of vintage Pokemon cards, with the pack disclosed to have already been slightly ripped open before he found it. While the TikTok user isn’t familiar with Pokemon, directing to different creatures as “this guy” and “that guy,” the pack is packed with cards of Pokemon from the franchise’s original 151 creatures. Some fans were quick to point out that some cards within the pack still held value, despite not being official Pokemon Trading Card Game cards.

@ford_tough7.3 found a pack of Pokémon cards!!#hustling #bluecollar #worklife #dirtyjob #freeshit #pokemoncards #pokemon ♬ original sound – fordtough

@ford_tough7.3 Pokémon card reveal #pokemon #pokemoncards #dirtyjob #worklife #bluecollar ♬ original sound – fordtough

Rare finds underneath store shelves like these have become very common as the Pokemon collecting trend has spiked in popularity in recent years. Pokemon collector Gio Martin became an internet sensation within the Pokemon community after finding a Base Set 2 pack underneath Target shelves in 2020. The collecting frenzy even led retailers like Target to stop carrying Pokemon cards in-store temporarily, due to rampant scalping and some examples of violence.

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