CONTROL Trailer Tells More About Its Cryptic Story

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After taking everyone’s attention with their E3 Announcement Trailer, 505 Games chose to end the 2018 year with one more trailer for the upcoming game Control. While they had some wonderful, action-packed scenes shown in the original trailer, this one is completely focused on the setting and story of the game.

The story still seems to be abundance of questions even with the latest trailer. The environment alone is something that is sure to leave players with many questions. It is oddly entertaining and sure to be full of countless possibilities given how they set it up. Check out the trailer below.

A single building full of so-called “thresholds” that will take you into other dimensions? This is the description of a science fiction story. But which way are they going to take it? And how far are they willing to go to bring an upsetting, or possibly uplifting, story?

Control still has a lot to show and tell before they will be able to get everyone excited with such a bizarre concept, but for story enthusiasts and sci-fi fans, this could very well be the kind of game we have been waiting for. We have already seen that it will have action, which is odd on its own, and now we can see that the environment alone is beyond weird. Let’s just hope that holding it cryptic until 2019 isn’t just a way to build the excitement and up the hype.

No release date is announced yet, and not even a year is mentioned, so we might not see Control released until 2020. At least we know it will be on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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