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Binance Coin

The crypto space was rattled after Binance, one of the leading exchanges announced they would list WAX on their platform. WAX is a popular cryptocurrency that facilitates the purchase of goods, particularly non-fungible tokens and crypto-based games.

Traders have been rushing to exchange BNB to WAX following Binance’s announcement and join the hype. If you are here to know how to exchange Binance coins to WAXP, then you are in the right place. With the help of our step-by-step guide, you will be able to exchange BNB to WAX with the best conversion rate. 


Step 1. Select and Register in BNB/WAX Wallet

It is essential that you have the right e-wallet in order to convert a Binance Coin to WAXP. It is best to have an e-wallet that supports both cryptocurrencies to effectively exchange BNB to WAX. Here is a list of possible options:


A popular mobile crypto wallet for iOS and Android devices. It supports over 2 thousand digital assets and works on Trust Wallet Core © mechanism. It allows users to trade BNB with other currencies with an integrated exchange. You can also view charts, read whitepapers, and discover upcoming events of all the supported coins. 


  • Trust Wallet

A fully decentralized wallet that doubles as a mobile tool and a coin management tool as well. It allows users to store their private keys on their computers rather than on the servers. You can store a majority of coins in the market with this wallet.


  • MathWallet

MathWallet features a multi-chain dApp store and enables cross-chain token exchange. It can also operate nodes for PoS chains. 


  • Guarda Wallet

A non-custodial crypto wallet for simple, safe, and secure crypto trading. It can store a variety of virtual currencies and allows trading and staking services (40% yield annually). 


  • Exodus

Initially made for PC, it can be found on iOS and Android devices as well. It does not download whole blockchains nor does it deploy servers for tracking wallet balances. Its ability to store a modest number of currencies is its selling point. 

Converting a Binance Coin to WAXP requires that you register your wallet with an exchange platform. Godex allows you to exchange BNB to WAX anonymously at any volume of coins, all with the guarantee of a fixed rate. 


Step 2. Get Binance Coin

Always make sure your wallet is stacked with BNB in order to exchange them for WAX. BNB is not listed on certain exchanges, but instead, it runs on its own blockchain. You can get Binance coins from DEXs that run on Binance Smart Chain. 

There are four ways you can get BNB from any BSC-supported exchange:

  • Bank transfers
  • Trading cryptocurrencies for BNB
  • Buy BNB with credit cards
  • Buy BNB directly with P2P exchange services


Step 3. Select BNB to WAX Conversion Pair on Godex

You can exchange BNB to WAX in real-time with our calculator. By visiting https://godex.io/exchange/bnb-to-wax, you will be taken to our calculator, where you need to select the BNB to WAX conversion pair. Here, you can enter any amount of BBNB in the drop-down menu, and it will show you the number of WAX coins you will get in the menu next to it. 


Step 4. Enter Your Destination Address & Hit on Exchange

After you have selected the amount of BNB for conversion, you need to enter the destination address, which is, of course, the WAX wallet address. Then, click on Exchange, and the platform will convert the selected Binance Coins to WAXP. It may take time until the deposited BNB reaches the platform. 


Step 5. Transaction Completed

The platform will provide you with details of the exchange as soon as the BNB deposit reaches them. You will be notified that the transaction has been processed, as well as other associated information (the duration, date of the transaction, etc). 

Exchanging BNB to WAX with Godex is easy. Make sure you have the right crypto wallet that supports both BNB and WAX before you convert cryptocurrencies. You can get Binance Coins from any exchange that supports Binance Smart Chain.

Open the real-time conversion calculator and enter the amount of BNB you want to convert. Hit on Exchange, and your transaction will be processed in due time. Read the report if you want to know all the details or skip it and decide what trading pair you will be swapping next. 

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