Cook Your Breakfast On This Little Flashlight

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FlashTorch Mini

FlashTorch Mini is a real life lightsaber, Flashlight has an output of 2300 lumens of halogen light, sufficient to cook your breakfast or even get a fire going. So take it very seriously!

The FlashTorch Mini has been developed by the Wicked Laser using anodized, machined aircraft-grade aluminium. The ultra-bright flashlight also sports a heat-resistant lens and an efficient reflector.

The FlashTorch Mini is a torch in the real sense. The intense glow of the flashlight can light up an inflammable material if held too close to it. The 2300-lumen lamp can cook eggs for your breakfast if the frying pan is balanced atop the FlashTorch Mini and can even melt plastic.

The output of the FlashTorch Mini is equivalent to the light emitted by 100 incandescent bulbs or a hall-sized video-projector. However, the 2300-lumen FlashTorch Mini is still less powerful than the original FlashTorch rated at a whopping 4100 lumens.

FlashTorch Mini

As opposed to the first edition of the FlashTorch, the FlashTorch Mini is quite compact; nearly 8.5 inches long and weighs merely 0.85 pounds, making it easier to carry around.

The FlashTorch Mini comes with three intensity settings so the users can conserve the battery life. The Li-ion battery of the FlashTorch Mini keeps going for 60 minutes at maximum intensity and can last as long as 100 minutes at a lower intensity. The case of the FlashTorch Mini includes the charger so it can be recharged without removing the light from the case.

To ensure that the incredibly powerful FlashTorch Mini does not set your pants on fire, in the literal sense, the Wicked Laser has included an automatic lockout mode. The FlashTorch Mini can be purchased for $200.


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