Cool Gadgets that Help Reduce Gaming Fatigue

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When you’re suffering with fatigue from any activity, the obvious solution would be to simply take a break. When you’re gaming however, you can become so engrossed in the game at hand, your sore eyes, wrists and aching back go ignored.

For hectic gamers, while the simple way to overcome gamer fatigue would be to go outside and walk around a bit, there are gadgets that can help as well.

Below are cool tips and gadgets that you can try.

Gaming Glasses

Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses will lessen the effects of blue light on your eyes. This is important as blue light from screen exposure has been linked to macular degeneration and retinal damage. This blue light causes strain on the eyes and a nasty headache that will have you losing interest in your gaming session.

The Gamma Ray gaming glasses, for example, have been specifically designed to lessen the effects of blue light on your eyes. They come with features such as amber tinting, they’re ultra-lightweight, non-polarized and come with a lifetime frame and lens breakage warranty.

You can try gaming glasses first with a 90 days money back satisfaction guarantee. Top producers of gaming glasses make sure the shades are engineered to filter light and absorb that blue light that is emitted from your digital devices.  

gaming monitor

Flicker-Free LED Monitors

Screens that flicker make you screw up your eyes and sometimes you feel as though you might have a seizure. This abnormal flickering from digital screens like your computer or television set can exacerbate headaches and migraines and nauseate you.

Luckily, the BenQ EyeCare Series with its wide viewing angle and slim bezel design comes with Adaptive technology, adjusting brightness for comfortable viewing. There’ll be no headaches and eye strain because of the low blue light and zero flicker technology.

Monitors like this are flicker-free, using Direct Current modulation to regulate the brightness.

Flicker-free technology protects your eyes from strain and assists with less eye fatigue when using a computer for a prolonged period of time.

Whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or reading, these flicker-free monitors reduce eye strain and headaches. Regular LCD monitors use cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL tubes) in their backlights, which flicker, while flicker-free LED lighting offers an alternative to headaches, eyestrain, and fatigue. 

Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Too much sitting and poor posture have a host of health risks such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. It just seems ridiculous not to invest in a comfortable chair.

There are many reputable gaming chair brands, from the high-end ones such as DXRacer to the more budget-friendly GT racing, Devoko, E-Win, etc. They all provide excellent support for your back needs, protecting the body during long gaming sessions. Most ergonomic gaming chairs come with dual neck and lumbar support pillows to promote the natural curvature of your body as you sit. Combined with adjustable armrests and a high degree of backrest recline, and you got a chair that’s comfortable to game in for hours on end.

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards

For gamers, the mechanical keyboard offers many advantages over their membrane ones. Mechanical switches register a keystroke after being pressed just halfway, and this is what ensures a faster response time. You get speed, precision as well as noise-feedback from your mechanical keyboard.

Furthermore, mechanical keyboards are low force, meaning it takes less energy to register each key. This makes them a lot more ergonomic as well. 

Another distinct feature of gaming keyboards is their high degree of customization. For example, gamers can customize the LED lighting on each key individually.  They also support macros, allowing you to program a sequence of keys you can trigger by simply tapping one single key.

Gaming should be fun, not cause fatigue and even health issues. Apart from taking periodic breaks, technology can help offset the ill effects of gaming for too long.

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