Cool Self-Extending “Sleeper” Lightsaber is Made Out of Cardboard

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Youtuber Joel Creates has taken cardboard lightsaber to a radically new awesome level! He made a self-extending cardboard lightsaber that removes all of that imagination. He calls it a “sleeper” lightsaber, check it out in the video below.

While it just looks like cardboard, this thing has a complicated-looking contraption inside that Joel spent a lot of time creating and building. He used a combination of 3D-printed and metal parts to create the device that could be hidden inside a paper towel tube.

It also comes with motion sensors and a soundboard initiating lightsaber effects played through a 40-millimeter headphone speaker as the saber was waved around. But, the most amazing part is the hidden saber blade that extends at the push of a button.

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