Cool Tetris Sticky Notes

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Tetris Sticky Notes

Pack of sticky notes shaped like blocks from the popular game. You played it now organize yourself with it.

Reminders can be boring, that’s more or less a fact – and video games can be entertaining. All that needs to be done is to combine the two into an interactive memory pad that fuses a way to take notes and memos, with the thrills and spills of Tomb Raider 3. OR (and more easily manufactured) produce a sticky note pad that can be arranged and added to, until you’ve built up a kind of block-shaped wall of color – if only there were a game with that objective.

Tetris Sticky Notes

Block game shaped sticky notes.

Great for leaving small notes or marking pages.

Each block is a different shape and color.

100 sheets per pad, 8 pads per pack.


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