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This is our brilliant weekly gadget roundup via thegadgetflow.com, Here we gather the coolest gadgets of the week. It’s a weekly mag for all the gadgets buffs out there! Stay Tuned.


Viewing time is an art most experimented with these days which has been taken to a whole new level of alphabetical mastery through this QlockTwo Wall Clock Creator’s Edition. It’s a time viewing device you can use either as a wall clock or as a standing object on the table which displays time in a word format.


With this Bed Butler Bedside Caddy attached on your bed, you’re sure to feel even more lazy from stepping out of your cosy abode anytime. Made from the same plastic that jet windshields are made from, it is a sturdy solution to store all your necessities which ranges from 17” laptops to TV remotes, ebook readers, pens and stationery and more.


Holding approximately 8 ounces of coffee each time, this I’m Shot Without My Coffee Glass Mug is for those who are absolutely unable to survive without coffee each day. The bullet hole passing through the center comes as the symbolization of the statement this mug offers which is again complemented with the realistic broken glass spidering effects on the outside.

Homer Cruzer by Santa Cruz Skateboard

Riding your Homer Cruzer by Santa Cruz Skateboards will be an absolute D’oh adventure you can’t deny enjoying on the streets everyday this summer. This popsicle-style skateboard draws its inspiration from the Simpsons series and brings an ultimate experience of skating while you slide down the pathways each day.


Entrepreneurs can receive their daily dose of inspirational vitamins while relaxing in the couch with these Get Shit Done Pillows. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles by the popular startup goodie manufacturer Startup Vitamins, this pillow bears the ever famous message from Aaron Levie, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Box in bold and striking fonts with a black background. It has been made out of 100% spun polyester and is a comfortable piece of accessory you’d love to lie back on while watching your favorite entrepreneurial movie anyway.


This might look like a standard bottle to quench your thirst during long bike rides but the Water Bottle Bike Lock is in no way short of protecting your bicycles from sly thieves out there. It consists of a 5’ internally coiled 8mm cable that locks back to itself thus safeguarding your bike from any theft or danger lurking on the streets all the time. The compartment underneath is especially made to store your keys or other accessories you may need during bike trips.


Flaunt your bathing necessities everytime you move out for a travel trip through this excellent leather Refresh Dopp Kit by Hard Graft. Crafted out of vegetable tanned Italian leather and British wool fabric, this dopp kit not only stores your bathing accessories but also helps them stand straight (be it your shampoos, shaving gels, toothbrush, toothpaste or any other fancy bathing stuff you use).


Dogs and their habit of peeking from the fencing barriers now has a smart solution in the form of thisPet Peek Dog Window. By installing this, you can finally get rid of the age old problem of dogs jumping over the fence out of curiosity once and for all. The window is nothing but a hard acrylic dome that is 9.5″ in diameter with a black trim-ring you can easily install on your fence as and when you prefer.


Get set to bear the crackling sound of nuts in your kitchen as the Scoiattolo Nutcracker by Andrea Branzi comes with its stainless steel squirrel cracker on top. The cracker is designed in a way such that it looks like a squirrel is cracking your nuts each time you place one under the cracker and on the wooden base.


Solve your everyday problem of charging two gadgets simultaneously with Otisan Reflex 3.1A Dual USB Adapter’s diamond-cut design. Built with industrial grade protections, this adapter comes with a dual USB charger that fast tracks the process of charging two of your USB gadgets at the same time and is also a portable adapter you can carry anywhere. The design is compact and precision-cut which is shaped out of aluminum alloy that looks stunning in the three colors the adapter is available in (gold, black and white).

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