Coolest Gadgets of the Week

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This Driftwood Phone Stand is a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. To some, it’s just a gnarled and shapeless piece of driftwood. But if you dock your iPhone into it, the same piece of wood transforms into an all-natural and eco-friendly stand that looks somehow a lot better than the most fashionably styled plastic or metal stand.

The Brown Apple iPad Air Smart Case is perfect for protecting your entire iPad Air. The thin snap-on back covers the device whilst the perfectly fitting cover folds over and magnetises to the front to protect the screen.

This Designer Handbag iPhone Case combines two of life’s necessities for women – the iPhone and a purse. This is a very snazzy looking purse that may very well have been plucked right out of a high-end designer fashion boutique in Paris or Milan. It’s an elegant case made to look like a purse.


These Character Tea Infusers bring some fun to tea time and make it less of a snooze-fest, in addition to infusing your tea with that intoxicating caffeine-laced flavor that kicks you awake. What you get are two sturdy and stainless steel infusers, each with its very own drip tray.

These Punctuation Pagemarkers from Bob’s Your Uncle come as a pad of 250 tear-off sticky page markers. There are five designs included, with 50 page markers in each type. Two of them are opening and closing double-quotes, one is a question mark and another one is an exclamation. The fifth one is a star.


The iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot is built and programmed to clean any residential in-ground pool. Just drop it into the water, press clean and let it rip. The iRobot will deep clean the pool surface and water all by itself.



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