Cooperative GHOSTBUSTERS VR Game Has Been Revealed

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Cooperative GHOSTBUSTERS VR Game

This new Ghostbusters game is a cooperative multiplayer, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, is going to be a VR game that is being developed by nDreams and published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR).

Start the next Ghostbusters HQ in San Francisco and gear up, solo or team with up to three friends. Once you are all geared up and ready to get to work, you’ll need to track with the trusty PKE meter, blast ghosts with the proton wand, and use traps against an all-new cast of nasty ghosts led by the larger-than-life Ghost Lord!

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord is planned to release in 2023 with compatibility for the Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2 headsets, meaning it is set to release on Meta Quest and PlayStation 5.

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