Copper Table Lamp

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Copper Table Lamp

Copper Desk Table Lamp – New range of vintage industrial lighting made in England.

The Minimalistic Range is sure to make you smile at the designer antique style, not only does it look old but also new contemporary with funky industrial styling. Quite an amazing piece for vintage lighting that take’s your breath away.

Also has a Choice of retro colour flex available see photos.

Handmade in UK and constructed with base five hardwoods Cherry, Walnut, Iroko, Sapele, Oak bonded together and shaped to create the vintage look.

The copper tubing is made by English hands, and highly refined by polishing & lacquering. This ensures the finish remains a vibrant shine without any discolouring over time. The idea behind the industrial lamps is seeing stunning beauty in everyday materials using industrial tubing, sharpening to create something vintage looking but also modern contemporary design, challenging ideas and expectations and perceptions of vintage modern styling.

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