Correlation of Selfies With Mental Disorder in Present Generation

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Correlation of Selfies With Mental Disorder in Present Generation

Since we were young, we have been told to embrace ourselves the way we are and to accept even our flaws and our own individuality. However in recent times, this message seems to have been lost unfortunately. Two very popular media trends of today are now being linked together and are seen to be contributing to the presence of the other in this culture; mental disorders and selfies.

While such a connection may seem extreme to some, a number of studies have been conducted and have been made public by a number of psychologists and experts and the results are truly concerning.

OCD, narcissism, unrealistic expectations, insecurity, superficial obsessions and other traits are some which can be magnified further through the trend of selfies and which may even lead to a number of destructive behaviors.

With more and more people beginning to share their pictures on various social media platforms, experts are being given a chance to assess why they may be uploading such pictures and tend to get an insight into their behavior and what it means. The way in which women and men pose and upload pictures of them tend to show some deep and underlying issues they still have not dealt with and which they clearly don’t mean to expose through their pictures but which still tends to come through. For the individual posting the picture, they wish to gratify their behavior in terms of the number of likes they receive for the picture and the numbers of people who comment on it. A lot of evidence does exist which suggests that the world we live in today is one which is engaged in self obsession. The selfie trend however does not simply stop at people taking selfies of them and posting them online. It has gone to the extent that the word selfie has been added to the dictionary as well, a song has been created on self obsession and celebrities too are beginning to engage in the trend.

Selfies are not found to simply be affecting media sources but have also been found to be causing average individuals to make alterations to the pictures they take of themselves. Since selfies can only be accessed through social media, a number of apps have come up which allow individuals to enhance the pictures they take of themselves in terms of smoothening out their skin, whitening their teeth and fixing their facial structure and features according to how they would like to look rather than accepting the way they look which eventually leads to either a lack of self esteem or it leads to an increase in the amount of importance placed on how one looks.

A lot of information suggesting the correlation between mental disorders and selfies has come up in the past few months. People however continue to post their selfies without realizing the damage it could have on them. Psychological health care professionals have begun to view this addiction to selfies as increasingly alarming and they fear that a generation which relies so heavily on attention seeking behavior with no identity or understanding is being raised.

Correlation of Selfies With Mental Disorder in Present Generation

Infographic Source: TheOneSpy


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