Corsair’s First Standing Gaming Desk

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Corsair Gaming Desk

Corsair’s latest innovation, the Platform:6 modular standing desk, is poised to revolutionize workspaces for a diverse range of users, from remote professionals and content creators to avid PC gamers. Set to hit the market in the upcoming fourth quarter, this innovative desk boasts a unique configurability, allowing users to tailor their setup according to their preferences. Unfortunately, the pricing details for both the desk and its extensive array of add-ons are yet to be disclosed on Corsair’s website.

Navigating the specifics of what comes as standard and what falls under the modular upgrade category can be somewhat intricate due to the desk’s multi-configuration offerings. However, Corsair’s press release provides some insights: the desk is packaged with dual monitor arms, a practical cable management tray, and a convenient in-desk storage compartment complete with integrated USB Type-A and Type-C charging ports. One particularly intriguing feature is the built-in modular rail system that seamlessly merges into the desk’s design. This innovative addition permits users to affix supplementary desk accessories, thus preserving a clutter-free workspace.

Corsair Gaming Desk

A notable offering is the “Creator Edition” of the desk, which introduces a motorized height adjustment mechanism, capable of memorizing user-defined height presets. Moreover, for those requiring even more expansive workspace, there are optional 30 x 70cm side extensions available, enhancing the desk’s six-foot width. Additionally, pegboards can be affixed for hanging headphones, game controllers, and various accessories. Notably, Corsair is also promoting adapters for Elgato’s Multi-Mount accessories, catering to users seeking to attach cameras, lights, and microphones.

This comprehensive feature set appears tailor-made for content creators and streamers, whose workstations often teem with an assortment of gaming and streaming equipment. The Platform:6 desk appears to surpass the offerings of many existing gaming-branded desks, which typically provide basic features like cable management, height adjustment, and occasionally, an integrated monitor arm.

Corsair Gaming Desk

An intriguing aspect that arises is whether Corsair will make the Platform:6’s modular rail system available as a standalone accessory. This notion resonates with many, including those who’ve invested in standing desks like the Fully, as it offers a simple yet elegant solution for decluttering. Although I may not be in the market for a new desk anytime soon, the prospect of transforming my existing workspace with the efficiency of a crossbar-mounted organizational system is undeniably alluring.

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