Counter-Strike Adds Battle Royale Mode, And It Is Free-To-Play

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Valve’s tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has gone free-to-play, and it’s added a battle royale mode called “Danger Zone.”

The change to free-to-play is very straightforward. The base game is now completely free, giving players immediate access to “all game modes, matchmaking, and a limited set of item drops and weapon cases.” However, there’s also the option to spend $15 to attain “Prime” status, which drops you into a unique matchmaking pool and makes you eligible for “Prime-exclusive items, item drops, and weapon cases.”

As for battle royale, Counter-Strike’s take on the mode to end all modes is of a smaller scale than genre giants like Fortnite and PUBG, with player counts clocking in at 16-18 depending on whether you queue up solo or in a squad of two or three. Guns will behave the same as they do in other CS:GO modes, but you’ll have to scramble to find weapons and cash—which you can use to buy more weapons and have them delivered to your position by drones. You’ll also be able to make money by finishing special mini-missions like contracts and hostage rescues.

In addition, you’ll have access to a tablet that can be used to track deliveries and opponents’ positions. So basically, Valve has made a battle royale mode out of ordering from Amazon during the holiday season.

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