Counter-Strike: Global Offensive New Maps And Skins

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Valve introduces eight new maps and fifteen new weapon skins through Operation Bravo.

Yesterday, Valve released a collection of eight maps, dubbed collectively as Operation Bravo, to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The maps can be accessed after purchasing a $5.99 operation Bravo ticket from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive store.

The maps are exclusive to Operation Bravo and friends of Operation Bravo purchasers until January 20, 2014. The ticket also unlocks for the purchaser fifteen map-themed weapon finishes through the game’s timed drop system.

The new maps are top-rated community maps from the steam Workshop. The maps are listed as follows: Agency, Ali , Cache, Chinatown, Gwalior, Ruins, Siege, and Seaside.

All maps are playable in deathmatch, casual, and competitive modes. This is the first time these maps have been available in competitive mode.

An Operation Bravo ticket purchase also gets the purchaser an Operation Bravo coin. The coin, upgradable through playtime and wins, will display number of match wins, number of kills, headshot percentage, and an array of other statistics for the duration of Operation Bravo.

This news comes on the heels of Valve’s announcement Monday that it is using the revenue from in game item purchases to raise the SteelSeries DreamHack Counter-Strike: Global Offensive prize pool to $250,000.00.


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