Counter-Strike Skin Sells For $160,000

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Wild Lotus skin

Cosmetic skins are commonplace in video gaming, and in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one floral-themed AK-47 skin just sold for a huge amount. One user paid $160,000 on the Chinese version of Buff, a third-party site for trading CS:GO skins, far above the going rate of other premium Wild Lotus skins on the site which normally sells for around a few thousand dollars.

As for what makes this skin so valuable, that comes down to its overall rarity. As spotted by Kotaku, the Wild Lotus has a Float number that is very low, and grades this gun skin as being new off the factory assembly line. While $160,000, is a staggering number for a digital weapon skin, there have been rare examples of these skins selling for even much higher money.

In other Counter-Strike news, a beta for the rumored Counter-Strike 2 is reportedly arriving soon, and is expected to go live by early April at the latest.

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