Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 Map Created in Fortnite 

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Counter-Strike's Dust 2 Map

A team has made the Counter-Strikes Dust 2 map in Fortnite.

Team Evolve, a group of players who produce and share awesome maps using Fortnite’s in-game Creative mode, showed off its remake of Dust 2 on Twitter. It’s uncanny how similar it is; I wouldn’t have realized it wasn’t Counter-Strike if it wasn’t for those radioactively green trees. The architecture, the colors and the overall grunginess of it all are simply brilliant.

Team Evolve is a team that makes “content in Fortnite Creative mode for the most iconic brands in the world”. but according to its website, it has worked with companies like Samsung, Nickolodeon and even the International Committee of the Red Cross. Fortnite maps and sponsored game modes are great money, obviously.

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