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Polish indie developer Image Power announced the release date of their new Mad Scientist horror simulator Creature Lab on January 19th, 2023. As a belated Christmas present players will be able to welcome their inner Dr. Frakenstien with the comically gruesome simulator. Players will participate in first-person gameplay where they will experiment and make different monsters to release upon the local government to spread chaos. Creature Lab is all about letting your evil scientist work miracles.

As your experiment on your test subjects in Creature Lab, you will find more mutagens and chemicals that you can use on future projects. Just remember to be cautious with your experiments, because the more mayhem you cause the more aware the authorities will become. In case you are located, be ready to release your most dreadful experiments before your lab is destroyed.

Features Creature Lab will include:

  • Single-player Campaign Mode: Embark on the path of a genius, yet wicked scientist whose main goal is to make the ultimate mutagen in order to turn the entire world into creatures controlled by them. Avoid the government by spreading panic and playing a role in the Dark Web.

  • Take on Side Quests with The Dark Webs system: Accept deals from shady corporations to do a variety of tasks such as sending out a specific mutagen or monster into the world. In return, players acquire resources and tokens. Use tokens on the city map to destroy military forces, destroy evidence, and more.

  • Endless Replayability: No playthrough is alike, chemicals in the lab will constantly change, forcing players to discover hundreds of different mutagens to experiment with.

  • Complex Inventory Management: Manage resources and expand your hideout. Send your experiments to collect or steal resources.

  • Mad Scientist Simulator with Strategic Elements: Conduct crazy experiments, mix mutagens, grow DNA-based body parts, and attach them to test subjects. Plan accordingly when sending out mutants into the world to carry out missions

Creature Lab will be available on January 19th, 2023 on PC via Steam.

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