Creepy Little Very Expensive Smartphone Robot

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The RoboHon, announced last year, is finally coming on Japanese shelves, and it’s got a heavy price tag to go with it – 198,000 Yen, or around £1300.

RoboHon’s built-in LTE antenna lets you make and receive calls as normal, though how you’d feel about talking away into a robot’s crotch in public is a separate matter completely.

The rear screen lets users read messages too, though the little fellow will happily read them out for you if you’re busy, before posting replies you’ve spoken to it. It’s like having your own secretary, albeit one that’s less than a foot tall with no pulse.

Naturally, RoboHon will dance along with you at parties, while its built-in eye cameras snap photos and shoot videos to playback to you later, courtesy of a built-in 720 projector.

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