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Cricket 19

Big Ant Studios created an awesome traditional cricket game with Cricket 19. They used the core engine and some features of 2017’s Ashes Cricket as a base, The game breathes new life into its presentation, polishes up its AI, and bolts on a new attractive scenario mode, making it look and feel more like an IPL match, If you don’t know IPL, it is a not so new craze among Indians with players from all over the world and teams are backed by local companies and celebrated by the whole world of cricket, you can read more and know all the latest IPL news by following the link.

Cricket 19 is an officially licensed game of matches between Australia and England and all of the men’s and women’s squads from every country stay in the game. They join the current Australian grounds from Ashes Cricket are the 5 English cricket grounds to be starred in the 2019 series, each of them made with impressive detail down to the last detail which is appreciated by the cricket lovers.

There is a good amount of work went into the Cricket 19 elevating it above what we see in Ashes Cricket. International games open with national anthems, covers are pulled off the pitch before play, and at times after a bowler has been sent to the boundary a close-up camera will show his captain chasing him back to the top of his mark to give him advice and more, which happens in real games a lot. Additionally, the highlight reels of wickets and boundaries that show at the end of the innings creates a new level of reality to the broadcast show. Cricket 19 definitely looks like the real thing, But the game has some very low framerates of these important cutscenes means they run about as slow as a Chris Gayle makes a single.

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 is a brilliant cricket game for sure and it is perfect for people who like to play a single-player game since its AI seems to have hugely improved match awareness, although it’s most obvious on the batting side of the game. AI batsmen will take singles off the last ball of an over to hold the strike position when they’re out in the middle, and if the run rate needed during a chase gets up over double numbers they’re very much willing to hit the big shots and swing for the boundary line. As a result, it feels notably more satisfying to build up an over of balls with no runs against the AI and then remove their off-stump when they try an unusual shot in an effort to get a much-needed boundary.

Changes to the AI bowling is not so improved than its predecessors. While the AI does seem to bowl with some level of planing, sending down an over of continued short balls or sending in on your pads, it’s still not completely removed of the more erratic behavior of previous games such as exchanging over and round the wicket from ball to ball, which can break the illusion of reality at times. Still, on balance, Cricket 19’s AI behavior is surely far more powerful than the one-dimensional computer-controlled competitors of past games, and I found the game more challenging and demanding at times, which is a good thing.

Cricket 19

Then there is a career mode and it comes with a new perks system also provides you a tiny bit more range to sculpt your designed player. A new perk slot is added to the game after every 10 levels you advance, enabling you to layer on more specialized skills on top of the points you use on standard attributes it can be footwork and speed of your bowling. The perk system adds a delightful wrinkle to player customization, Yorker correctness to buffs that reduce your stamina loss in hot environments, although the direct advantages for each perk aren’t always very clear to the players.  The career mode will last you for up to 20 in-game years, the new mode could possibly last your actual lifetime. Scenarios can be built, tweaked, and shared with the community, and the opportunities are never-ending and it will give you huge amount of fun playing it. Specific matches can be replicated in the game, so if you wanted to come back and start the second day of the specific match, you can, enabling you to relive historic matches and play as you want and rewrite the history as you see fit. I also added the trailer of the game if you want to see it in action.

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