Crooks X Monopoly Board Game

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Crooks X Monopoly Board Game

Leaving no detail unattended, Crooks & Castles has revamped the box and game board, which are outfitted with the brand’s iconic bandana, and included custom cards, money, and game tokens.

To emphasize luxury Crooks replaced the original train stations with a Bullet Train, Executive Heli-Pad, Clear Port, and Yacht Harbor.

Customized tokens have been pulled directly from the lives of the Crooks, which include, a fitted hat, retro sneaker, and the co-founder’s French Bull-dog.

In addition, the stakes are higher in this game with monetary denominations from $100-50,000 and vastly increased property values.

Crooks X Monopoly Board Game Crooks X Monopoly Board Game (3)


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