CROSSFIRE: LEGIONS Strategy Game Reveals New Faction

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The latest faction to enter Legion. A global syndicate of corporations, New Horizon seeks to lead humanity into a transcending future, with the use of AI technology to enhance all aspects of society. With their own brutal firepower, they will end the battle and usher in the future for all. New Horizon has some of the most mighty and expensive units in the game. Some of their vehicles can effortlessly win 2v1’s, or even more if upgraded. Towering mechs, railgun tanks, and even a drone launching aircraft all increase this roster with a frightening amount of firepower and shielded units. Led by a trio of commanders whose capabilities utilize their tech-focused goals, New Horizon will crush the opposition to make their dream a reality.

A demo of the game is available on Steam if you would like to try Crossfire: Legions and check out the new faction.

New Horizon has an amazing roster, featuring a melee infantry unit and the previous mechs and drones. Their units are expensive, but they are deadly. Using the melee infantry ‘Vampires’ as fast-moving assassins was lovely, using their ability to hop in or out of action while they stole life from hostile units. They were even able to stand face to face with tanks of the other factions, and a hive can easily spell destruction for any military vehicle.

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