Crumple Zone Of The Tesla Model S Saved 5 Lives In An Accident

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In Pulach, Germany 5 passengers was involved in a horrific accident a few days ago and due to the empty front end of the car and some luck, they all escaped from the car with no -life-threatening injuries. They were also able to get outside of the crash site with little assistance from first responders and were able to rush to a hospital.

The 18-year-old driver who took four of her friends along in her father’s Tesla Model S for a joyride was driving extremely rashly and it was no surprise when she lost its control at a sharp curve and flew 82 feet into the air before crashing headfirst into a roadside ditch.

 Tesla Model S  accident

he car rolled over at least once, resulting in several speculations on how fast she was actually driving since the car weighs 5,000 pounds and it has such a low center of gravity as well.

Since the car landed on it’s front, the passengers were able to avoid any serious crash injuries as the front of the tesla is empty as compared to conventional fossil fuel cars and can absorb a huge amount of impact on its own. Such is the awesomeness of the no-engine front that even the windows of the car weren’t broken with only the front windscreen cracking at several places.


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