CRUSADER KINGS 3 Announced With a Reveal Trailer

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Crusader Kings III

Paradox Interactive has revealed the brand new announcement trailer for Crusader Kings III, it is the next game in their famous grand strategy series. It is planned for a 2020 release, the strategy game will take you to use diplomacy and conflict to secure lasting power and peace. In the game you will marry your own sister, kill whoever gets in your way of power and kill some babies too. Nothing is off-limits in the game that is set in medieval history in the most brutal way possible. The future of the realm is what’s important, so there is no cost too high to pay when increasing the borders of your kingdom.

Crusader Kings II has a lot of DLCs that enhance and transform the original release. Hopefully, the release of the third game will come with a lot of the content and modifications that have made the second game such a great strategy experience. If not, players who have spent so much into the modern generation of the series may feel hesitant to start all over with Crusader Kings III.


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