CRUSADER KINGS III Flavor Pack, FATE OF IBERIA, Release Date Revealed

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Paradox Interactive has revealed a new flavor pack DLC coming to their award-winning, role-playing strategy game Crusader Kings III. Fate of Iberia gives players more content to experience the game but specifically focuses on the crowns, faiths, and cultures that make up the Iberian peninsula. With the addition of an absolutely new system for historic conflict known as Struggles, players will have more options on how they want to treat their neighbors in the clashed melting pot that makes up Medieval Spain.

In 867, the lower half of Iberia was held by Muslim leaders, with Christian Kings in the north squabbling amongst themselves and people of both religions trying to find their place in this diverse region. With that backdrop, Fate of Iberia embraces the differences of the time with new art, outfits, music, events, and Cultural Traditions emphasizing the rich historical characteristics of the Iberian Peninsula. Choose the path of conciliation and unite Spain, or crush all who stand before you with the path of conquest.

As with all the flavor pack releases, Fate of Iberia will include a free update for all Crusader Kings III owners, adding new options and features for all players. This includes a new faction type to challenge your rule, Heads of Faith that can be shared by different religions, vassal contacts for clans, and a new starting bookmark that highlights interesting Iberian characters for the 867 start date.

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia will be coming on May 31st, 2022 on PC and will be retained for current owners of the Crusader Kings III expansion pass and owners of Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition. Watch the release trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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