CS_Summit 4 Tournament, Team Overview, Schedule And Event Preview

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CS_Summit 4

This is one of the most influential CS:GO event. The Major, BLAST events, ESL Pro Leagues and Esports Championship Series. These productive events have a unique attraction that helps them bring millions of CS:GO fans from all over the world to tune in and watch the biggest and greatest teams play against each other. In this CS_summit 4 Preview will show you that little events can still bring big names in the gaming industry.

This is the fourth CS_summit which bring us by far the most aggressive and ambitious action in its being. All teams belong to the very top of the CS:GO dog-eat-dog world, making this competition a real gem. This week we will see one of the most unique Counterstrike tournaments, the cs_summit 4 taking place in LA with six teams competing against each other, where team Liquid has the best odds to win the tournament.

The prize isn’t that magnificent but the excitement of the hunt will surely be sufficient for these teams to work and play at their very best.

There are just a few days left until the start of this competition, now is the time to learn more about it.


CS_summit 4 Preview And Some Awesome Facts

  • The competition will be held at the Summit House in Los Angeles. The commencement date is 23rd May, while the end date is the 26th of May. There will be four days of thrilling CS:GO action starring some of the greatest teams from around the world.
  • Let’s talk about teams, the fourth CS_summit episode will star only six teams. However, the price has stayed the same which means all six contestants will be competing for somewhat bigger shares of the dough.
  • As for the broadcasting star, BTS already revealed top-notch action broadcasters, including HenryG, moses, and stunna. If you know these guys’ then you know they have an insane passion for the game, CS_summit 4 is going to be one hell of an event to attend!

Prize Pool Distribution

Just like competitions held in the past, the fourth CS_summit will feature $150,000 prize money. The official prize pool division hasn’t been declared yet, so we can’t give you any more details on this subject. Especially since this year’s competition sports holds a different format so the division will continue to be a mystery until we get some solid statements from Beyond The Summit.


Tournament Format

CS_summit 4 is set with different rules this time and it will come with fewer teams. The first three iterations had 8 teams fighting for the prizes. This year, there are only six teams, but their experience is much higher and teams are tougher. Schedules are also quite tight this time around and matches are going to be fierce as well, some of the best teams in the world succeeded to squeeze CS_summit 4 in their schedule.

The tournament starts with a double round-robin group stage featuring all the teams attending. All teams play each other twice with all matches set for Bo1 competitions. Two last teams are dropped with the four teams remaining pushing to the playoffs. At this point, the competition changes to the single-elimination system with just three matches to go. Two semifinals and one final, and all of the matches are set for the best of three contests.


CS_summit 4 Team Overviews

In the very aggressive world of CS:GO team spirit carries a lot of weight. Even the tiniest of things can be the distinction in a fiercely contested match. We could go into more intensity here by taking a look at particular in-game stats, map pool depth, pre-tournament training camp, they are all fairly significant. However, while we don’t have access to teams’ development phases, we can evaluate their current track records, key players, and backstories that could assist them to get an advantage over their competition.



If we’re talking about past accomplishments, it has to be regarded that NRG won the last CS_summit and is a solid contender this year. The third repetition that was held back in November 2018. Their victory over OpTic Gaming will certainly bring hope for the second CS_summit trophy. However, this year the level of the game is much higher. Teams such as Team Liquid, Renegades, and ENCE are all heavy hitters.

The significant feature of NRG coming into this competition is the fact they’ve already qualified for both of the future Finals. With their spot in ECS S7 and ESL Pro League S9 already achieved, they can rest and take this tournament one event at a time and chill. Brehze and Ethan have been gaming brilliantly.



They are equally favored as Team Liquid, ENCE is the second ideal team to lift the CS_summit 4 trophy. Their new performances, beating Astralis twice at the last BLAST event and getting to the Katowice Major finals, have put them on top of the pyramid. Astralis is still at the very top, and they are followed by Team Liquid, followed by ENCE. And when you think about it, ENCE wasn’t even in the top ten at the start of 2019.

And they are here now, the third best team in the world highlighting exciting matches with each crossing tournament. In fact, their new triumphs over Astralis have kickstarted more conversations about a potential end of Astralis’ era. Be that as it is, ENCE is coming to Los Angeles with a lot of potentials. They’ve got the passion, they’ve got the skills and they’ve sure as hell got everything to win this tournament. They’ll be a hard team to face the main favorites to pick up the trophy even with Team Liquid on the charts and in the competition.



The French side Team Vitality is on a magnificent run. They have secured eighteen wins and two defeats in their last 20 matches. Yep, you read that accurately. Truth be told, their competitors weren’t exactly class A teams, but that’s still a great track record. Something that makes them scary to be playing against.

They have to bring their A-game if they want to qualify and seek victories against the likes of NRG, Ghost, ENCE, and Renegades. Right now, Team Liquid ought to be a bit too much pain for them so the Frenchmen will have to get their points with other teams. Even with such a firm track record in the past weeks, I suspect they’ll perform well in Los Angeles. I can see them failing to reach the playoffs.



The ghost is the most tired team in this tournament. There’s no mystery about it. Their ESL Pro League Season 9 requirement is going to be covered up late Wednesday. In fact, their last match extends well into early Thursday. Regardless of their outcome, they’ll have to fly from Burbank to Los Angeles where they’ll be starting the tournament with competitions against Team Liquid and Vitality. This is a tight, very tight schedule to keep.

This will inflict damage on all players. And not on just players but everyone that’ll be going with them. That means Ghost is not only the inferior team on this competition but they’ll also be bothered and tired by fatigue. Even though WARDELL and koosta are in proper form, I don’t think their performance will be epic. Especially if their ESL PL S9 qualification campaign ends in a loss.



Renegades is one of the other team that doesn’t have to bother about ESL PL S9 qualification destroying their readiness. The boys from the Land Down Under have previously said their goodbyes to the ESL-hosted CS:GO, league. They dropped to MIBR in a pivotal match which must’ve left a bitter taste. Knowing just how excited Renegades’ list is, but they might make a come back at the CS_summit 4.

Their first group stage competition against ENCE might be the ideal occasion for jks and jkaem to show and announce their trophy ambitions. Renegades aren’t exactly the favorites in this match, but they could turn the tide and turn into a strong dark horse that’s going to be hard to stop. That said, I expect Renegades to go through to semifinals and maybe to the final finish.


Team Liquid

And in the last, I’m going to tell you about the fan favorite, Team Liquid. They are going to appear into this tournament after a thrilling performance in Sydney, Team Liquid members will be expecting to lift their third trophy in 2019.

But it is not all great for Team Liquid, though. Their last attempt to qualify for the forthcoming ECS Season 7 Finals was a complete failure. They lost to MIBR in the grand finals and now have to play hard in the final event in the series. In fact, they’ll be traveling through CS_summit 4 and ECS S7 NA matches over the next few days, something that could be very stressful for Twistzz and the gang. Despite that, they’re still the number one choice according to most esports bookies. However, knowing their difficulties with closing out matches, I wouldn’t be shocked to see another one of their fails in Los Angeles.


CS_summit 4 Schedule (CEST)

Now after all of this only one important thing left to show you before finishing up this CS_summit 4 Preview! As the title suggests, I’m pointing to the tournament schedule. A whole of eighteen matches scattered across three days suggests we’ll have a lot of CS:GO action to experience. So, here’s a quick look at the competition schedule so you can empty your calendar to be ready for an excellent CS:GO display.

Thursday, 23rd May

  • Ghost vs Liquid – 6 p.m.
  • Ghost vs Vitality – 8 p.m.
  • NRG vs Vitality – 10 p.m.
  • ENCE vs Renegades – 12 a.m.
  • NRG vs Renegades – 2 a.m.

Friday, 24th May

  • Liquid vs Vitality – 6 p.m.
  • Liquid vs ENCE – 8 p.m.
  • NRG vs ENCE – 10 p.m.
  • NRG vs Ghost – 12 a.m.
  • Renegades vs Ghost – 2 a.m.

Saturday 25th May

  • ENCE vs Vitality – 6 p.m.
  • ENCE vs Ghost – 8 p.m.
  • Vitality vs Renegades – 10 p.m.
  • Liquid vs Renegades – 12 a.m.
  • NRG vs Liquid – 2 a.m.

Sunday, 26th May

  • Semifinals #1 – 6 p.m. CEST
  • Semifinals #2 – 9 p.m. CEST
  • Grand Finals – 12.30 a.m. CEST

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