CUPHEAD Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

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All those rumors were true about the Cuphead  heading to the Nintendo Switch. The Microsoft owned IP will be available to own on the Switch starting April 18, 2019. The reveal comes from Nindie Direct video as part of GDC 19 and Nintendo was quick to thank Microsoft and Studio MDHR for making this possible and bringing the game to the system. Cuphead coming to the Switch is another step forward in the fabulous relationship Microsoft and Nintendo. Cuphead will be joining Minecraft and Hellblade as the latest game from a Microsoft owned studio to join the gaming library of Nintendo’s awesome console.


Microsoft doesn’t have their own handheld system and gamers appreciate the working with Nintendo and the Switch. While the Switch will never be able to deliver the full graphical effects of an Xbox One X, having the ability to play titles on the go that are fairly well looking seems to be ok with the mass bulk of the gaming world.


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