Curved Screen Vs Flat Screen for Gaming – Which Wins?

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Curved Monitor

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new gaming monitor, you have probably noticed the huge range on the market today. 4K, 1080P, curved, flat; it’s easy to get yourself lost in the maze of monitors wondering which one is simply going to give you the great gaming experience you crave.

Samsung Neo G8

The Benefits of a Curved Monitor

There are multiple benefits to using a curved screen for work and play as opposed to a flat one.

Curved monitors have gained huge popularity in the last year, and many gamers now rely on them for a fully immersive experience, almost a feeling of being in the game. But what else makes a curved monitor great?

Well, for a start, they are proven to put less strain on our eyes. The dimensions of the screen allow us to take in the whole image at once, whereas a flat-screen can cause eye strain if it is outside our normal field of view. This concept largely depends on the size of the monitor. If you’re using a laptop for a flat screen and you’re upgrading to a desktop with a curved monitor, you probably won’t experience much difference in terms of eye strain. However, if you’re going from a large flat screen to a large curved monitor, you may well feel more comfortable, especially if your gaming sessions last a long time.

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The Bad Points of a Curved Monitor

Clearly wall hanging is problematic, so if you like your games monitor mounted then a flat-screen could still be a better option for you. However, you can overcome this with a wall-mounted swing-arm which will allow you to mount your screen on a bracket that moves out from the wall. There are also no other options available for curved monitor mounting although it’s definitely not as simple as its flat friend!

Glare can also be a problem when it comes to curved monitors as they are simply reflecting light from more directions. Balancing the light in your room is one way to try and counter this, but the only way to avoid it directly is to play in natural daylight.



There isn’t a clear winner here. Much of the decision is going to be based on personal preference. However, in short, a flat-screen will have less glare and is easier to wall mount if you wish to, whereas a curved screen is going to give you a more immersive experience and provide much more comfort to your eyes.

You need to decide if the extra cost of a curved monitor is worth those benefits to you personally. And, it’s worth being aware that curved monitors are now starting to drop in price, and as more manufacturers start to utilize the technology, the likelihood is that they will continue to do so as competition increases.

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