Cyber Bullying in Online Gaming: How It Works

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Cyber Bullying

Whenever it comes to speaking about entertainment in the 21st century, there is, unfortunately, an element of violence involved in the conversation. Given that one of the pivotal types of entertainment nowadays is video gaming, bullying in video games has become an integral part of what is meant to be a human’s retreat into the world of joy and carelessness. It’s a pity to say, but, namely, carelessness often becomes the reason why folks fall the victims of this problem in online gaming. It must be stopped because society has to understand that the majority of those who are being bullied are children and teenagers. So, let us try and figure everything out. Society needs to know how cyberbullying in online gaming happens in order to be able to prevent it.


It Is Invisible at First

One of the biggest problems that can be associated with video game bullying is that it is invisible and hard to detect at the early stages of its existence. Especially when it comes to children, it is a rather vague statement that kids would report this type of cybercrime right after falling a victim of it. The majority of kids would not even know that they are actually bullied and that their psychological health is now at stake. For example, imagine a 12-year-old teenager playing a popular shooter online, as all of a sudden, he hears in the earphones phrases like I will destroy you, I will kill you, break you, destroy your family.

There is not a single shred of doubt that this child would not even think that something went wrong. He would rather consider those phrases to be hackneyed ‘threats’ from another teenager playing on the other side of the globe. However, you can learn from any good essay about cyber bullying that every case of cyberbullying always starts with somebody threatening somebody else in the form of a joke. So, you should, probably, read at one essay that can be easily found online. There is a lot of interesting information for you to find, regardless of whether you are a parent or not. Nowadays, nobody is protected from the detrimental impact of this issue.


The Bully’s Identity is Hidden

One of the major problems associated with cyberbullying games is that the bully’s identity is almost impossible to identify. As opposed to the cases of bullying in real life where bullies do not hide behind the screen of the world of online when it comes to the cyber world, the bully can be sitting with his console somewhere on the other end of the planet or in the adjacent apartment.

When parents want to deal with cyberbullies, it takes a lot of effort as they have to turn to the police for help. The bully can only be located via the method of triangulation, which can only be conducted by cyber police or the informational department of respective law enforcement agencies. Of course, one way out of the situation is blocking the bully’s account. Nonetheless, it will not resolve the problem but would rather put it on hold. It will not be a problem for the bully to create a new account.


The Ratio Is Incredible

While people keep thinking that online cyberbullying is a problem that roams somewhere far away in the realms that are surely not adjacent to their lives, it must be acknowledged that it is extremely close. In accordance with the latest statistics, every second young online gamer gets bullied on a permanent basis. The reason why so many college students are nowadays searching for free sample papers on cyberbullying is that the amount of information on it is truly miserable. This is a neoteric crime that the world is still not knowing how to fight with.

It must be understood that cyberbullying has been taken to a new level by the VPN technology that changes one’s IP address, thus preventing the law enforcement agencies from tracking the bullies down. Nevertheless, bullying at school is, as it has been already mentioned, different. Writing an essay about this problem happening at school is not that difficult as the civilized world has already learned how to withstand this issue.


We Need to Talk

As of now, there is no better way to fight online misdemeanors in video games than to talk about it. Just think about it: every single issue reaches the point of resolution once it’s being put on the table of public discussion. Write an essay, create a blog, run an online campaign, do something. The worst thing that we as a society can do about it is to remain silent. There is no way that cyberbullies would stop hurting people thinking that nobody even considers it to be wrong. So, the discussion shall start without further ado.



Online cyberbullying in video games has become one of the major issues of the 21st century. Unfortunately, the majority of victims are children and teenagers that are not able to identify whether this is still a game or already a crime. The role of society here is crystal clear. People have to take action by starting to talk about this issue, as there is no way it would be resolved if nobody cares. While the psychological effect of it remains utterly detrimental, the response must be equally excruciating. Putting cyberbullying in video games on the penal codes around the world might be a great idea.

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