Cyberpunk-Vibes of Neomuna in New DESTINY 2: LIGHTFALL Trailer

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Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2: Lightfall. The new expansion for the famous video game releases next month and this trailer shows off the metropolis of Neomuna with futuristic skyscrapers and a lot of neon lights to scratch that cyberpunk itch. Honestly, it looks fantastic. In the trailer you’ll also be able to see the scope of Calus’ invasion into Neomuna, Guardians using the new Strand subclass, the Cloud Striders who defend Neomuna, and more.

Also in Destiny 2 news, players can use the emblem code TNN-DKM-6LG to get a new emblem inspired by the Year of the Rabbit. You can also purchase items like a new Exotic Ghost, Ship, Sparrow, and festive ornament from the Eververse store.

Are you excited for Lightfall to release on February 28? You can play Destiny 2 on PC (Epic Games Store|Microsoft Store, PS4/5, and Xbox consoles for free with pre-orders open for Lightfall starting at $49.99.

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