D2R: Is it Worth the Hype

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Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II ranks as one of the greatest games of all time. The action role-play hack-and-slash game was launched in 2000, and its horror and dark fantasy themes have stirred mixed reactions among avid gamers. 

So is Diablo II Resurrected, released on 23 September 2021, worth the hype?

Players control a hero and attempt to save the world from the destruction triggered by Diablo’s return. There are numerous exciting settings and locations, not to mention a range of characters gamers interact with during contests.

D2R also has enhanced character progression, a better story plot, and most importantly, an excellent continuation of the classic D2 fantasy themes.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons this remastered version of D2 is the real deal. Of course, we will also shed light on the tradeoffs.


Upgraded Visuals and Graphics

Diablo II Resurrected is a remastered version of Diablo II, and the game remains highly the same. 

However, one of the first things you will notice is the insanely better graphics that make all the visuals look exceptionally good. According to most gamers, the upgraded visuals nostalgically bring back their childhood memories but in a new light.

The hype is certainly worth it, considering the upgrades and tweaks give a facelift to graphics that are nearly two decades old. These classic graphics match modern-day standards and boast realistic HD effects and 4K resolution


QoL (Quality of life) Enhancements

The QoL enhancements dramatically improve the experience of playing D2R. From auto-gold pickup and shared stash with three pages to no character expirations and the ability to clear your attributes and skills icons once you level up, there’s a pretty long list of enhancements that make D2R a lot better. 

These improvements help save time, mainly because the game is already quite time-consuming. On the bright side, you can have endless hours of enjoyment until your wrist hurts, thanks to all the new features. One of the best ones is the ability to include other players on your friend’s list instantly.

QoL improvements in the aspects and features of D2R provide a dramatically better and smoother gameplay experience. They also reduce burnout and increase the moments of intense enjoyment.


Still the Best Action Role Playing Game 

We must commend the tremendous efforts that have gone into the preservation of classic D2 games in Diablo II Resurrected.

A decent number of features remain the same, including builds, characters, skills, and items. The few tweaks like synergies, runewords, and uniques simply unveil a distinct foundation for the new era of D2R.

Also, it’s heartwarming that uniques resemble the pictured icons. This means you can tell the precise, unique item an opponent is wearing. The revamped skills, on the other hand, look a ton better. For instance, the firewall creates a vivid blaze on the screen while the holy freeze creates a ghostly glow!


Exceptional Preservation of the Original D2

Generally, D2R is colorful, fresh, and literally gives players a visual feast. With mind-blowing cinematics, this game provides the perfect blend of the old D2 and the remastered version in an excellent way. This ensures that new gamers feel enchanted and old gamers are not left behind.

The upside is that everything from the professional loops, chaos sanctuary, Trist runs, and tomb runs remain identical to the original. The meph runs remain as brutal as they have always been and even the Baal runs still send PTSD-inducing shockwaves.

On the downside, D2R also has all the things you found annoying with D2. There are bots sending spam messages on chats, players focused solely on killing Mephisto before you complete your quest, and trade scammers.


A Humbling Experience

Playing D2R will still give you goosebumps as you grab loots, find nice items, and make the best trades. The upgrades make the experience of killing skeletons, demons, and ghosts with your supernatural powers more exciting than ever. 

Unfortunately, it’s still humbling when it comes to your rude realization that you are no match for some demons or just a cow intent on snapping the life out of you. We can all agree that certain setbacks can increase your grinding time and make the game a little too overwhelming for your liking.


You Can Save The Grinding Time!

The enhanced features and overall game design will save you from unnecessary burnout. You could also buy D2R items from a reliable dealer and save your grinding time further.

From charms, unique weapons, top-tier armor, runewords, runes, and jewels, just to mention a few, investing in these accessories can ensure things don’t get cryptic when gaming on your PC, console, or other platforms.

The items you purchase can ensure you save time and level up with ease. Even avid gamers can find themselves spending tens of hours with little to show in terms of progress. If you have seen yourself strolling about, meandering, or just feeling lost, acquiring valuable D2R items can ensure your situation doesn’t strip the fun from the game.


Teamwork and Bonding

D2R is still a pretty new game to most gamers. At any point, you’ll find gamers who are just getting started and terrible in their skills. An easy way to enjoy the game is to group up and enhance your chances of progress. Working together on different roles somehow buffs the achievements of the whole team.

When gaming, players maintain specific rules of etiquette, especially during social interactions. Chats and the bonding remain online, making it safe to add random friends and know a little more about them to enhance your overall teamwork experience. 

Moreover, you can join the games of other people at random. The only issue with this is that you cannot know which friends are online. 

Also, note that you’ll need to jump into a game to determine what level your friends are playing and the difficulty to expect. All the same, we can all agree that there’s never a dull moment in D2R thanks to quick and easy means of interacting with other gamers.

D2R is worth its hype because it allows you to open a two-decade-old time capsule and discover everything you liked about the classic D2. 

The best part is that while everything remains the same, it looks better and offers a generally improved gaming experience. The remastering is functionally unnecessary, but it provides mind-blowing upgrades, which is a big plus.

In a wrap, Diablo II Resurrected, just like any other great game, is better, but it also comes with some trade-offs. 

The main one is that it is not a modern ARPG, and it is not a live service game. Playing is time-consuming, and you have to grind to get good gear and other accessories designed to enhance your chances of leveling up. 

Fortunately, the game is a remaster done exceptionally well. Once you equip yourself with the right items, you’re almost guaranteed of being converted into a die-hard fan.

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