DANGEROUS DRIVING 2 Is Announced With a Release Date

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Arcade racing games have always been fun and it was my favorite genre. Last year Three Fields Entertainment released its spiritual successor to Burnout, Dangerous Driving, it seemed the genre was definitely going into somewhat of a revival. Dangerous Driving had a somewhat positive response upon release from many gamers.

Now, Three Fields Entertainment has pulled back the veil on a sequel to Dangerous Driving, Dangerous Driving 2, that is sure to entertain fans of arcade racers. Dangerous Driving 2 establishes off the foundation of its previous game by giving a new open world and split-screen multiplayer options, I hope it is going to be a split-screen multiplayer like the good old days. A special demo for the game will take place at PAX East February 27- March 1.

“Dangerous Driving 2 will truly be our best game yet – delivering new features our fans have been clamouring for such as Nintendo Switch support and split screen, building on the innovations we as game makers are passionate about including interactive music and emergent game modes as well as addressing the areas we weren’t happy with in the last game.”

— Alex Ward, Founder and Creative Director of Three Fields Entertainment

Dangerous Driving 2 has been set for release on Holiday 2020 with a scheduled release for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. No price is revealed now.


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