Dark Horse Revealed The New HALO Spartan Chonmage Statue

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HALO Spartan Chonmage Statue

Dark Horse Direct and Microsoft have collaborated to bring Halo fans a new Spartan Chonmage PVC Statue that looks very cool. Featuring an optional Yokai helmet and an interchangeable Energy Sword and Disruptor, this collectible is a must-have.

First featured in the Halo Infinite – Fracture: Tenrai multiplayer event, this legendary Chonmage is a symbol of samurai commanders and their power to coordinate with fellow warriors. The figure stands at 10’’ tall with only 2,500 units being made. You can preorder yours now for $99.99.

Dark Horse Deluxe will also be marketing a mass-market red Spartan Yoroi with energy sword statue at an available retailer near you later this year.

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